Converting Word to PDF Files – How To Do It?

Today’s age of technology pushes us to strive for more with less work, and that concerns files too. Rather than writing on a sheet of paper and carry that sheet with you the whole day, why not just create a file on your computer that can be quickly transferred to other peers at a click’s distance?

Why Do We Need Word to PDF Conversions?

The main reason for doing this type of conversion is that the PDF file is not editable, and many more reasons will be listed below:

Word Document Formatting

A Microsoft Word document will start formatting when opened on a new system. This cannot happen on a PDF file, as these cannot be changed.

Table of Content

Opening a Word file on a different computer will likely cause a mismatch with your references. The ebooks can be changed like this, as they have long tables of contents and page numbers can get changed, or text lines can be rearranged.

PDF Files are Not-Editable

The main reason for conversion is that Word files are editable and PDF’s are not. If you have personal information on a Word file, convert it, the PDF’s not editable, no one can make changes to that file.

File Extensions

.doc and .docx – Microsoft Word file

.odt – OpenOffice Writer document file

.pdf – PDF file

.rtf – Rich Text Format

.tex – A LaTeX document file

.txt – Plain text file

.wks and .wps– Microsoft Works file

.wpd – WordPerfect document

Methods to Convert Word Files to PDF

  • MSWord Method
  1. Create your Word File
  2. Click on the MS icon on the top left screen
  3. Go to Save As
  4. Select as a PDF file
  5. Choose a file name, and you’re done
  • Google Docs Method
  1. Upload your Word File to Google Drive
  2. Convert it to a Google Document
  3. Convert it once more to PDF
  • Online Method
  1. You can also do it free through an online converter. Follow these steps:
  2. Open an online converter webpage
  3. Upload your .doc or .docx file
  4. Click on Convert
  • Libra Office Method

Libra Office is an open-source office app that is free and shares almost the same features as Microsoft Office, and one of them allows you to convert Word files to PDF.

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