Best Sims 4 Tips For Beginners

As any building game on the market sometimes can be quite challenging completing your dream house in Sims 4 in spite of the fact that the developers worked hard to ease as much as possible the building process. The following are some tips that will improve your skills in enhancing the look of your house and make you proud of your work.

Suggestions for roofing

While construction can be generally demanding, the roofing part sometimes is the worst. Especially the little flaps visible at the bottom end of the roof’s edge called eaves.

If you want to see the process from different angles hold alt key and then you can adjust better all the other eaves.

Did you know that now buildings can be placed on different foundation heights?

In the past this wasn’t the case. With the new update for the “Get Famous” expansion, I am delighted to say that this is now possible.

The two buildings must not be jointed and you can accomplish that by ensuring that they are fully enclosed with four walls or that they are on flat foundations that can be on different heights.

Feeling on overwhelming creativity I decided to renovate the Munch house and added a cute little gazebo. As you can see is on a different height than the house itself as it would be in real life. I would say that it looks pretty chic, would you say so?

Stairs in sort of L shape

Not sure why, the game doesn’t seem to want players to build stairs in other shapes than straight up and straight down, however, I figured it out a way that might not work right from the first try so don’t give up easily.

The first thing to do is placing the foundations of course. I suggest placing them in the shape of letter L. The first square foundation can be four notches high, another at eight and the last one can be made of walls. I used the smallest wall height but you can try with different sizes.

It is a matter of keep fiddling with the heights, up and down closer or further until you will get it right.

Even more challenging than this is to enclose all this in a room. As the room tool won’t help you, I recommend the old wall tool.

A small nuisance is the painting as you will not be able to automatically fill the room with paint color so just do it manually using the mouse across each all and problem solved.

Furniture placement

Like many other games from the same genre The Sims 4 is built on a grid system and the objects you place will snap according to that. This is why sometimes your interior design will look amateurish as objects will have to be placed far from walls.

Pressing together control+shift+C will pop a text in the upper corner. Type in that bb.moveobjects on and the grid will not be any more a problem. Holding alt and left mouse will allow you to rotate the objects as you please. This is how I got this backyard movie area looking so neat and realistic.


Once you sort out your issues related to roofing, L shaped stairs, objects placement another thing you have to consider is landscape.

With the new updates, The Sims 4 can now manipulate the terrain. Although I do not use it that much I am sure some other players will have lots of fun with it. The terrain tools will swallow parts of foundations and roofs. For this wall, I had to make a thin room on a raised foundation and then using the terrain tools I submerged in the ground just a little bit.

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