Apple’s First Possible Foldable iPad in 2020

Well, with Samsung finally releasing its foldable phone this Autumn, after a 6 months design snag, people are now looking to Apple to see what they’re making. I don’t know if anyone asked Samsung to make a foldable device but they have. And now that the cat is out of the bag, everyone is going to want one. Putting pressure on manufacturers like Apple.

What will Apple do?

Rumors have it that Apple is working on such a foldable device. It may not be a phone. In fact, it may be a tablet. This may have some sense to it. Why have a decent sized phone become bigger? Isn’t a phone supposed to be compact? We got the width down to a couple of centimeters but the size of the screen is getting ridiculous.

A tablet is another matter, however. It is supposed to be a compact, mobile device. But it is not meant to fit inside your pocket. So, because of this, it can come in all sizes, as long as it fits in a laptop bag or something. Good thinking on Apple’s part if this rumor turns out to be true. If they make a foldable iPhone, that would be just silly. But people would actually buy it.

Foldable device market

The market for foldable devices began with a very shaky start, as Samsung needed to go back to the drawing board. The design needed to be improved for the device to actually work, not just be optimized. As it pretty much broke at the slightest touch.

Despite the difficulties Samsung will face with marketing the phone, it will still launch in a month or two. And it will still probably sell well. Users are somewhat skeptical, but if the device proves stable after a few months of use, the demand for other manufacturers to make one will exist.

Other companies are rumored to have foldable devices under development. Or at least under consideration. Two of these are Huawei and Motorola. One or more manufacturers could come out with such a device in 2021 or beyond.

Whopping price

The price point of the Galaxy Fold is pushing it, as the device will cost $2000. Flagship phones already cost around $1000 or more and the Fold is charing double that sum simply because of the design. The smartphone won’t be a supercomputer or anything in terms of specs.

Consumers have said that they would find it acceptable to pay around $1500 for a foldable device. Which makes Samsung clearly over budget for most people. If Apple makes one, nobody will expect a good price from them. But Huawei will be another matter.

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