Android Q Beta Available with 2 GSIs – What Issues Can Occur?

We know that Android Q Beta has been available only for Google Pixel phones, unlike Android P Beta that had availability on a lot of non-Pixel phones. But Google has come up with the Android Q Beta 2 GSI for some non-Pixel phones with the help of Project Treble. Also, Android P Beta was available to the non-Pixel phone with Project Treble that can make the Android OS to be separated from the hardware. Moreover, the part that does the job in Project Treble is the creation of Generic System Images (GSIs). Google says about GSI that is like a “pure” Android because it’s made from Android Open Source Project code. Practically, GSI allows Project Treble-compatible devices to run newer versions of Android.

What Is Google Announcing?

Google announced Android Q Beta 2 with official documentation about GSI builds for the latest Android Q Beta. Google declares that GSI can be flashed to some devices for testing, but note that not all devices are compatible with Project Treble. To be more precise, if you have Android Pie on your device and an unlocked bootloader, it could be compatible. For knowing for sure if your device is compatible, check the instructions provided by Google.

What Issues Can Occur?

A lot of users that had tried flashing the Android Q Beta GSI have reported problems about their devices getting stuck in a loop and unable to start up correctly. Some devices like OnePlus 6T, Xiaomi Pocophone F1, or Essential Phone have been tried by users with the Android Q Beta GSI. The only device that had succeeded was the Essential Phone, but with some little problems with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that didn’t work at all.

Finally, Google has released the Android Q Beta GSI despite knowing about these issues, but the company wants to give time for developers to test it. So, if you are a developer and want to test the Android Q Beta 2 GSIs, to ensure that the app will work correctly, go to the official site for download, and check the installation guide.

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