Subway Surfers 1.107.0 Takes Place In Barcelona And Comes With A New Skin And Improvements

Subway Surfers is widely known as one of the most popular smartphone games and a pioneer of the endless runner genre. The title, which is co-developed and published by two Danish companies, Kiloo, and SYBO Games, became a quick hit among players due to the excellent gameplay experience and attractive features. Now, Subway Surfers 1.107.0 rolled out to place players in Barcelona and allow them to unlock the new Chivalry skin.

Subway Surfers is available across several platforms, among which we can count Windows 10, Windows Phone 8, Windows 10 Mobile, Android, macOS, iOS and Kindle. Read below to learn more about the game and its interesting features.

Subway Surfers Features

Exciting gameplay experience

Upon starting the title for the first time, players will see the default character while he is focusing on applying graffiti on a metro railway. A guard and his dog will appear, and the character will start to run in an attempt to escape from them.

While on the run the player will have the option to collect coins, power-up, and other helpful items. At the same time will have to pay attention to upcoming trains and to avoid potential collisions. There is no way to finish the title as the main goal is to keep running for as long as possible. The run ends when the inspector catches the player character, or a collision with a train takes place.

Fun power-ups

The game offers a selection of fun power-ups which can be activated by running into them. Players can collect score multipliers, Super Sneakers which increase the running speed, Jetpacks which allow them to fly for a limited time, Magnets which attract coins and other power-ups and mystery boxes.

Interesting items

Items like the hoverboard will offer an advantage for a limited time. They tend to appear more rarely in comparison to power-ups, but their effects are more powerful.

What’s New In Subway Surfers 1.107.0?

New content is added constantly in the form of fresh tracks and new unlockable characters and skins. The latest update, Subway Surfers 1.107.0, allows payers to travel across Barcelona and unlock a new Chivalry outfit for the character. Also, some bug fixes and performance improvements were implemented.

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