PUBG Mobile Deathmatch Mode Is A New Hit Among Players, And We Have Some Tips For You

The latest update for PUBG Mobile arrived with a new Deathmatch mode, and players love it. The new game mode was deemed to be one of the best additions to the game, and it contributes to the popularity of a title which is already the most popular mobile game in the world.

Some critics pointed out that the Deathmatch mode is similar to the one encountered in Call of Duty, and the upcoming Call of Duty Mobile may be a serious contender for the position of the most popular game in the world. Below you can learn a few tips which should increase your in-game performance.

Best tips to master the new PUBG Mobile Deathmatch mode

Focus on rifles

Most of the weapons offered in PUBG Mobile are available in this mode, but rifles are the best since they provide the perfect balance between range and damage. Avoid snipers since they are to slow, and the other players will kill you faster.

Camp the enemy spawn

Finding a sweet position near the enemy spawn will lead to easy kills since the players will be surprised by the ambush.

Remain hidden

In PUBG Mobile Deathmatch mode, try to remain in cover at times and avoid tactics which expose you to the enemy. Reposition yourself after every kill and hunt down enemies who try to reach your old position.

The vertical grip is your friend

Since the map is small, and there is a lot of cover, the Vertical Grip attachment is your friend as it decreases recoil and provides a significant boost to aim accuracy.

Work with your team and trade kills

Playing as a team is a key to winning the round. Stay close to the others and shoot down enemies who down your teammates. If they do the same when you fall, victory will be assured. This strategy is used quite often by professional CS: GO players, and it works well in most cases, also in PUBG Mobile Deathmatch mode. Use these tips and enter the fray with confidence. Good luck!

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