PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 Is Available With Playable Zombies, Pirate Theme, Improvements, And More

PUBG Mobile has been specially designed for mobile use. Lots of gamers are attracted to PUBG because it delivers lots of thrills on the go. You can enjoy the game in a boring classroom, while on the subway or while you’re waiting for someone at the airport. The benefits of going to mobile gaming are numerous. PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 rolled out with playable zombies, pirate theme, improvements, and many other novelties.

PUBG Mobile is free, and it is pretty much nonstop action. You dive in, suit up, and see how many people you can take out. A quick 4v4 deathmatch is always fun if you’re pressed for time. When not in a rush, an epic 100-player battle royale mode is sure to make for some cool gameplay.

PUGB Mobile Features

  • Free quality – The game delivers game quality that is similar to consoles and PCs. And it does this free of charge. You can enjoy stunning HD graphics on your phone and even enjoy the 3D sound. You get handy features like full control customization and voice chat.
  • Giant Maps – You can lose yourself in the four massive maps that are available on PUBG. This will likely not happen as you would be too busy to kill people and not get killed in turn. Your tactics will be influenced by the size of the maps but also the feel of the terrain and the visibility granted by the weather.
  • Variety – If you are annoyed by all sorts of silly people you can play by yourself. If you’re interested in playing quick games, perhaps with a group of friends, 4v4 is for you. If you enjoy lots of craziness than the 100 player survival mode is what you need to do. There is a variety of weapons and transports inspired from real life. You can even change perspectives too.

What’s New In PUBG 0.14.0?

  • Fixed bug that hindered climbing
  • Fixed bug that got players stuck in structures
  • Playable Zombies unlocked in new Infection Mode and map
  • Appearances and skills unlocked in new character system
  • Global treasure hunt
  • The pirate theme for the main menu unlocked
  • Season 8 Royal Pass restocked with popular items
  • Improvements in the daily mission system
  • Installation package reduced for Android
  • Inventory UI improved

PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 is already available on the Google Play Store.

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