Pokemon Go Is Not Working On Android Q Beta Versions

Pokemon Go is easily recognizable as one of the best AR games that are available on smartphones. The game was released in 2016 and became a worldwide sensation soon afterward. It is still in the top charts today because of its multiple updates that added new content and features. This game has a massive fanbase across various platforms. One of these platforms is causing issues for some fans. Users currently running Android Q beta on their mobile devices are unable to play Pokemon Go. And it looks like they have some waiting to do until this will be fixed.

Android Q or Android 10 is the newest version of Google’s mobile OS. It is currently in Beta 4, a test version of the OS that was made available last month. With work now being done on Beta 5. Not all Android devices can update to the Beta 4 version of Android Q as it is only available for select phones including the Google Pixel series, and the OnePlus 7 Pro.

Pokemon Go Is Not Working On Android Q Beta Versions

Players that are using these particular phones have been reporting that they are unable to run and play Pokemon Go. Coming as a surprise and disappointment to fans as the issue has been active for four months now. Time in which everyone thought the problem would be fixed. Some Android Q Beta 4 users are saying that the game does not even load. While others are saying that the game starts loading and then crashes, just to make the disappointment sweeter.

Niantic is the studio that is responsible for Pokemon Go. The issue has been brought to them, and their official comment was that they could not fix it very soon. Especially not on a given date or time frame. As one might expect, they need to wait for Android to finish with their beta testing to provide the game with devs a stable platform to work on. Niantic has competition from PUBG and Fortnite. These would cause the studio to lose ground on the mobile platform. Coupled with the fact the Harry Potter game they recently launched does not work on Android Q beta versions also.

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