Pokemon Company And Tencent Work Together On A New Pokemon Game

Yesterday, a fascinating announcement was made for Pokemon fans. According to the news, Tencent and Pokemon Company teamed up to develop a new Pokemon game. Tencent has considerable importance in the world being the most valuable technology companies, the largest gaming company, most significant social media companies, and one of the world’s largest venture capital firms and investment corporations. It provides services such as music, social network, e-commerce, web portals, internet services, payment system, and games.

On the other hand, the Pokemon Company comes from Japan, and it does everything for the Pokemon franchise such as production, brand management, marketing, and licensing. Mainly, it deals with trading card games, films, anime television series, home entertainment products, manga and what brings us today, video game software.

These two companies will be working together on developing a new game as Tencent Games announced on Monday. No details have been provided by the game yet such as what type of creation it is or where it will be published.

Tencent and Pokemon Company Work Together On A New Pokemon Game

Tencent has a lot of video games in which it has its team involved, so this new game that will be developed in collaboration with the Pokemon Company will actually be worked on by TIMI Studio Group, one of Tencent’s subsidiaries. TIMI went to Twitter to announce that the development of an unrevealed Pokemon game will soon begin.

Tencent has mostly released games that are free to play, and one of those free-to-play mobile MOBA is Arena of Valor which gave TIMI its popularity.

At the moment, Call of Duty Mobile is the main focus of the studio, another game that will launch by the end of this year and could be played for free. With that being said, it is evident that you will not need to pay to play this new Pokemon game. What do you think this game will be like? Are you happy that two such big companies will collaborate to develop a game?

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