Nintendo Announces the Switch Lite Console

Nintendo has officially announced its Nintendo Switch Lite. The new console model is a hardware revision of its famous Nintendo Switch, and it is specially designed to play games in handheld mode. The new console is a bit slimmer, has a few fewer features than the regular Switch and it comes with a lower price.

Nintendo Switch Lite, a Lighter Version

The Nintendo Switch Lite will be released on September the 20th and will cost $199.99. It will be available in three different colors: turquoise, yellow, and gray. The Switch Lite features integrated controls, and its size is smaller due to not having a support video output to a TV or a kickstand. This means the console will not come with a dock or HDMI cable.

The price of the device is a significant drop from the original version, which costs $300. The cost reduction reflects in the lack of features the original Nintendo Switch has.

Another version with colors and art-inspired by the upcoming titles Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will launch on November the 8th. This artsy model will also cost $199.99.

What Stays the Same

The Nintendo Switch​ Lite supports almost all games the original version does. Some, such as Nintendo’s 1-2 Switch, will need separate Joy-Con controllers to play. The internal hardware, battery life, button placement, and charging time are quite the same as the Nintendo Switch model. The Switch Lite also comes with 32GB, just like the original version, which can be extended with a microSD card.

What is Different

The most important adjustment is the removal of the docking functionality the Nintendo Switch has. This feature let it display on a TV, thus making the game more entertaining.

The Nintendo Switch​ Lite​ has a smaller display, a 5.5-inch, and it is lighter, having just 275g. The controllers aren’t removable anymore; therefore the HR Rumble and IR motion sensors in the Joy-Cons are nonexistent. Also, as we mentioned above, the console comes without a kickstand.

Finally, Nintendo noted that gamers should verify the game packaging to ensure it is compatible with the Switch​ Lite​. Compatible games will display a small logo on the back of the box.

What do you think of this new console? Will it be a success? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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