Need for Speed: Heat Trailer Finally Launched To Reveal More Details About The Upcoming Game

It has been confirmed that a new game in the NFS franchise will be released and it will be called Need for Speed: Heat. A trailer has been released that details how dirty cops will make up much of the action in the new game. An ‘80s vibe has been chosen as the theme and style but the cars are still more or less brand new.

Fast and Furious Style

So, the cops are back to the iconic franchise. These are not your typical blue boy scout cops. On their best day, they could probably be compared to Tango and Cash and on their worst, they could be as dirty as a cowboy’s boots.

The Need for Speed franchise has been linked with the Fast and Furious films for quite some time but it still manages to bring an elegant vibe with more futuristic aspects. Payback, the previous game, was more linked with the films and it turned out to be a bad experience for gamers. This was due to the sluggish storyline elements that ruined to flow of the game.

Warm but cool vibes

From the Need for Speed: Heat trailer, a Hispanic vibe can be recognized due to the narration, as well as the setting. The game looks to be mainly centered somewhere in the south of the US. The best candidates would be Florida, California or even Texas.

We can see grand interstate highways that are host to police chases. But also official-looking race tracks in which the player could possibly compete in career mode. There is no clear protagonist in the upcoming game, despite the Hispanic female narration and a slick-looking black male behind the wheel of a cool car.

Keeping fans guessing

The trailer has been built to provide a wide variety of scenes that are both stimulating and confusing. So, there is no clear direction that can be recognized in the game. However, a standard rebellion against authority can be seen across the trailer’s narration, making for a classic NFS experience in Need for Speed: Heat.

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