Need for Speed 2019 to Be Revealed on August 14 – Countdown Shows Up on the EA Website

If you’ve been wondering when we’ll see the next Need for Speed, then we’ll surely be in for a treat tomorrow, considering that the EA website now has a countdown for the new NFS the so-called Need for Speed 2019.

Earlier this year, we saw the Twitter post from Need for Speed, announcing that a new NFS installment is planned:

“It’s that time where we start talking about what’s next for NFS. We’re doing things a little differently this year.”

Right before E3, developer Ghost Games said that they are indeed working on the next NFS, which is set to be launched in late 2019, before the end of their financial year. However, we did not see a thing about the racing game at the event, so the countdown surely has to be for the initial reveal.

Looking at the hours remaining, the reveal should start being aired on Wednesday, August 14, at 7 am PDT / 10 am EDT / 3 pm BST / 4 pm CEST.

Although we’ll surely see only a title and a teaser, we hope that the new Need for Speed installment will also be featured at Gamescom later this month.

Considering this year is the 25th anniversary of Need for Speed, which began in 1994, we hope the reveal and the future announcements will make NFS fans happier than what the previous titles did (the pile of negative reviews did grow bigger since 2015).

Need for Speed 2019 Title, Car Customization and More

As for rumors about the name of the game, according to Gameware’s listings of the new NFS game, it might be called Need for Speed: Heat. According to Ghost Games’ Reddit post, this is what might be the main focus in the next NFS:

“Cars naturally top the list. You could say that the cars and customization of NFS are the beating heart of what we do. Without either of these, NFS fails to exist as we know it. These two elements play a pivotal role in the series and are two aspects that we consider to be foundational, meaning they aren’t going anywhere because NFS wouldn’t exist without them. […] Our goal is to deliver a truly memorable high-speed entry into the 25 years of NFS, rather than a series of promotional events. The game matters most—a sentiment we bet you share with us,” Ghost Games stated.

Whatever EA is planning to reveal tomorrow, if you want to see their announcement, you can check out the countdown here, on EA’s website.

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