GTA 6 Release Date Delayed And Here’s Why

Its been years since GTA 5 was released and many gamers are looking forward to a new entry in the long-running series created by Rockstar Games. The internet rumor machine is always hard at work, and GTA 6 seems to be one its favorite topics as there are countless forum pages and articles which discuss the game and many of the possible features which could be added and removed.

Rockstar should announce the game officially even if it’s still in the early stages of development. Read below to learn why. In recent months, a large number of rumors related to GTA 6 have started to appear on the internet. Some of them are quite modest and suggest that the game could take place in a fresh setting, or that Rockstar may add the option to play with a female protagonist.

Others are considerably bolder and envision a complex title which spans across several decades and locations as it tells the story of multiple protagonists in chronological order. A little hype is always good, but Rockstar may want to curb the enthusiasm of the fans before the title becomes overhyped.

Here’s why GTA 6 release date delayed

While the studio is good at hiding its secret, there are no clues which would infer that another game is in development. Dedicated teams are working on the multiplayer modes of GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2, but the core team may likely be working on something else.

During a past interview, a high-ranking Rockstar employee stated that a new GTA title would not take place in a contemporary setting since the iconic style of the series would upset a large number of people.

That may mean that a new game could be set during a previous era and some fans believe that Rockstar may opt to revisit Vice City, which has appeared in a single game. Until an official announcement appears we can only hope that the next GTA game will be great.

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