GTA 6 Might Not Launch For The Current-Gen Consoles

According to current estimations, the PS5 and Project Scarlett will be released in 2020. As the launch dates approach the chances that GTA 6 will be issued for the current console generation continue to shrink.

Several sources claim that Rockstar built the next entrance in the fan-favorite series as one of the first launch titles and decided to ditch the PS4 and Xbox One from the list of compatible devices. Since the studio made no formal announcements, there is still some hope that the game will be cross-generational.

There are also several motives for releasing the title across several platforms. Over 100 million PS4 units have been shipped by now, and the number will continue to grow in the future. If we take into account, the sales of the Xbox One the current install base is quite large and the potential is there.

GTA 6 might not launch for the current-gen consoles

Rockstar Games already has some experience as GTA V was released for the Xbox 360 and PS3 before being remastered and made available for the next generation of consoles. Fans saluted the decision, and the game was well-received, selling millions of copies.

If the game were released in 2020, it would serve as a significant link between the consoles, even more so if the PS4 and PS5 will have the chance to play together on the same servers. It would be an excellent boon for gamers as cross-play tends to become more popular.

A large number of analysts argue that Take-Two and Rockstar aren’t willing to take this angle into account. GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 were a hit among gamers, but Take-Two isn’t sure which approach will work best for the company. During a recent interview, the CEO of Take-Two stated that the company plans to announce a lot of new projects in the following months, besides GTA 6. This means that a different Rockstar IP could be in the making, but the details remain quite scarce for now.

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