Call of Duty Modern Warfare Might Be Present At Gamescom

Most game enthusiasts are disappointed with game exhibitions when not even E3 could fulfill their expectations. However, Gamescom might take the lead and give fans what they were waiting for. During this event, players will be able to get a more insightful look into some games’ newest editions, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare might be among them.

Call of duty Modern Warfare might be present at Gamescom

Are you unsure whether you should attend this event or not? Take a look at what could happen, and this way, maybe you could make up your mind.

The trailer and the name of this game have already been confirmed, and you can see all over the internet that this title is widely talked about and awaited by excited fans. However, the only thing that they could keep them apart from the disappointment that they will not get a glimpse of what is happening in the game is the fact that this year they will get it.

Will the gameplay be revealed at Gamescom? No official confirmation

Activision, however, did not offer any statements saying why they will or not reveal the Call of Duty Modern Warfare gameplay during the Gamescom games conference. Some football players have already tested the game, apparently, which means that the new CoD game is in progress. Regarding the gameplay of Activision’s latest creation, we are not sure about getting a glimpse of it during the event or not. It is a total surprise.

What do the Call of Duty Modern Warfare leaks say?

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s gameplay was not revealed during E3. But, during Gamescom, it is said that a secret screen will be available for the gameplay. As there is no gameplay at the moment, this might be fake news. However, the leaks say that the gameplay will be revealed during this gaming event.

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