WordPress is the CMS (Content Management System = Content Management System) most used in the world. This open source platform allows you to create any website (showcase site, online store, blog, etc.) and manage content independently. In My Little Big Web, we do not favor a particular CMS, we advise those who best meet the needs of our customers and WordPress is actually the most requested CMS.


As explained earlier, WordPress is the CMS the most used in the world. Community continues to grow and feed the many themes and modules available on the market.Again, we have no particular interest in making you choose WordPress to create your web site but if you do more research on the internet, you yourself will find that all the objectives experts agree that WordPress is an excellent platform (if properly configured by a real specialist ).

Whether you are a beginner in the management of web site or already confirmed, you can control your site WordPress 100% independently and continue to train for free thanks to the numerous trainings and forums available online.


The first reason is that the platform is becoming increasingly popular and the demand is increasing for this platform. The second reason is that WordPress is for us the best price / quality ratio for our customers who want a solid site, customized and owned by them 100%.Unlike the platforms developed by other web agencies,WordPress is an open source tool (royalty-free) that allows anyone to create and control its website.

We have created more than 400 sites in WordPress , both showcases sites, online shops as blogs. You can see examples of our work at the bottom of this page or visit our portfolio here:


If you choose Swerd Media to design your site in WordPress , we will not ask you to choose an existing theme among the examples we will propose, and you risk the same site as other customers. We are going from examples of sites you like ( WordPress or not) to create your site 100% custom and unique. Our specialists WordPress so familiar with this platform they create their own modules WordPress if they have not yet invented!

To avoid unpleasant surprises, you will take full part in the design of your site WordPress by validating each step of its design. Tree visually through the site’s features, you can follow the project’s progress by having access at all times to the development server on which will be built your site.

So you keep the full project control specialists and ourWordPress will help you make the right choices. Once the site is completed and approved, we will offer you training with an expert WordPress dedicated to answer all your questions.