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informationThe first step in creating your website  is to harvest quickly and efficiently all the information we need about your business: service types, types of products, legal address, etc.

This step is very important because it is from this information that we will build the structure of your site and your company’s web image.



marketWe use the information you provided us in order to perform an accurate analysis of your market and your competitors . We analyze the positioning technologies and the pace of these websites in order to surpass them on Google.

After preliminary analysis, we will be able to target what your customers are looking for on the search engines and thus strategically structure your website



creationFor the design of all our websites , we use a very powerful platform-level SEO, or WordPress . This content management system is an open platform that is written in PHP and is used by more than 60% of the web community.

After receipt of your information, it usually takes 30 to 60 days before the launch of the website . At this point, if you want to make changes or adjustments, we have no limit of time or the service agreement is respected.



Once the design of the website is complete, we will send you a web link that you can view it and give us feedback. Choose at this point to make minor or major modifications while respecting your service agreement. After your approval, the launch of the website will be done the same day.

After these steps, we will go to business to help you increase your customer base through our advanced SEO strategies !

If you’re ready to get started contact us today!

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