Web Marketing

Our web marketing services are geared toward one goal: to help you optimize your online communication. It can begin with an overview of your overall web strategy (audit), optimizing your site for search engines (SEO), the implementation of online advertising campaigns (Google, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook ), a global web marketing support or training to enable you to manage your tools independently.


We always start a new collaboration by asking this question: “Why are you on the internet? / What is your objective ?”The first question allows us to identify your needs and adapt our offer according to your expectations. Every business and every industry is different, our goal is to make you a personalized and adaptable web marketing offers based on changing your strategy.


The main goal of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to improve the communication between your website and the search engines so they understand exactly the content you offer and they present it to a relevant audience.

Our certified Google team adhere  to the best practices in SEO to improve your position in search engines.

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We search terms your customers register on Google to make you appear in top search results. If you know the keywords that you want to appear absolutely we can guarantee you the first places ahead of your competitors!

We ensure that every detail is perfectly optimized for your visitors to perform the action you want once they arrive on your site.


The user experience is the most important criterion of a website because it is what will determine whether your site converts or not. It is also the user experience that will influence your ranking in the search results.

Therefore, it is useless to try to increase traffic to your website if visitors leave without performing the actions you want from them (purchase, contact, registration etc.).


A presence on social networks will not only increase awareness of your business, drive traffic to your website but also influence your ranking in the search results from Google.

Just as advertising on Google, we can allow you to target a specific audience, a geographic area, language and even the times when your ads are published. There is no minimum budget or broadcasting time imposed.


Web analytics can analyze the behavior of your visitors and your site’s performance: where visitors arrive, which pages they visit, what actions they perform, how long they stay on each page etc.

This regular analysis allows us to tailor your strategy to improve your results. We also provide you performance reports that show you the progress of your results and optimizations implemented.


Visitors to your website are mainly looking for information. The content you publish on the Internet conveys the image that you send to your customers. It is also very important to be well positioned on search engines.

Our team of web editors can therefore assist you in creating your publications, either for the content of your site, your blog posts or your posts on social networks.