Target Your SEO And Web Marketing Strategy For Christmas

christmas-seoFind popular for the holidays

Any strategy begins with  good search keywords. There are several ways to find keywords, but this time we opted for Trends because it can detect very recent search queries.

Start with a simple search like “Christmas gift”, then target Ontario and the last 12 months.

You can see the search term for 'Christmas Gift' peaks at just before christmas
You can see the search term for ‘Christmas Gift’ peaks at just before christmas

You can get the search volumes and compare to Ontario to see what works for the Christmas period. Here’s an example. “Gift Ideas” is more popular throughout the year, but “Christmas gift” seems much more sought after in recent times in Ontario.

Then, targeting the last 90 days and search for a word just as “gift” or any other product. This time, look at the related queries in the bottom of the page: the most common, but also the most searched.

Last Minute Tips for Christmas SEO

A really effective strategy requires a preparation of 2 to 6 months to get the best results. As we are already in mid-November, here are elements that you can work in the short term.

  1. Work titles and meta descriptions of your pages.
    The title should be optimized for your and meta descriptions to stimulate (CTR). You can also get some interesting data about it in Webmaster Tools.
  2. Create content!
    Create pages based on targeted keywords. Bundle products and create a guide to find the right gift or offer recommendations for the latest trends for Christmas.
  3. Use the Rich Snippets to stand out in the results pages.
    Rich Snippets allow you to catch the eye of customers and can be set up quickly with a few lines of code.
  4. Think local SEO to Boost Sales in stores.
    The local should be worked all year. My Business is obviously the starting point. Make sure you create your account first validation. Enter your business hours and be sure to set your opening hours during the holiday season for last minute shopping with the schedules section exceptional opening. Also, consider adding the name of your city or your neighborhood to your keywords.
  5. Aim for keywords long tail .
    In the short term, they will be easier to obtain. In addition, they well to twin the local strategy.
  6. Analyze the results pages to detect opportunities.
    Sites like Yelp are often appear to list the shops. The Yelp algorithm is much simpler and does not require links.Optimize your profile on this kind of site / directory with your to enjoy an extra space in the search results.

Advertisement for Christmas

christmas-seo-1It’s time to engage the remarketing strategies ! As Christmas approaches, users are in the buying mode and they must have your product in mind. Remarketing allows remind them of what they had sought to improve your chances they convert into a customer. Remarketing can be done in search results and in web sites visited by customers through AdWords Display. It is also possible with several social networks like Facebook and Pinterest.

PPC and ads on social networks have the advantage of being set up quickly and can be a good alternative to in the short term. Shopping takes a bit longer to set up, but can present your products directly in the search results pages and should be considered for your digital marketing strategy.

Need help with your digital marketing stragey this Christmas?  Contact us today!

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