Robot citizen In Saudi Arabia

Meet The Robot citizen Saudi Arabia

When literature and science fiction films tell the future, robots with human forms are almost always present. Cybernetic creations with human capabilities: from daily tasks to feelings. The basis is always the same: the interaction with man and that is the specialty of Sophia.

Sophia is the first citizen robot in the world thanks to an act performed in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) for her ability to hold conversations with people and to express up to 62 facial expressions to contextualize her words in the situations she is ‘living’.

It is product of the effort and technology of Hanson Robotics, the same company that gave birth to Han, a humanoid robot that also had a great variety of facial expressions. Sophia is the evolution of Han: a work reinforced in the failures of the first.

Sophia’s face was made in Frubbet. His skin is a special silicone that created, manufactured and patented the company of David Hanson, founder of Hanson Robotics. The skin is connected to a series of circuits and ‘actuators’ that allow you to move your face and adopt facial expressions.

Sophia identifies her interlocutors thanks to two cameras located in her eyes, the same ones that have facial recognition technology and that serve to make ‘eye contact’.

But the full potential of this robot is due to the “Character Engine AI”, an artificial intelligence software that gives Sophia ‘personality’, which is learning and maturing with every conversation and experience.

Like other artificial intelligence systems, Sophia learns new ways of interacting with people. All that can manifest and how it does is due to the experience with gestures, forms, attitudes and behaviors of its interlocutors.

In addition, your system draws on various Internet sources to provide your answers. According to the site “Xataka”, this, however, is imperfect: people who had the opportunity to talk to the robot said that it feels like talking to a species of Siri “with many failures.”

Many of Sophia’s answers are after a long pause in which she processes and looks for the information that she is offering, which sometimes appear to be read directly from Wikipedia. At other times, he simply gives answers to questions he does not know how to answer.

Sophia was born with the aim of having more wisdom than any human. In this way, according to David Hanson, you can establish emotional bonds, fulfill tasks in different trades, from caring for people to assisting research projects in the mental and physical development of babies.

She does not want to destroy humans

Sophia, in her own words, wants to go to school and study art to then have a business and maybe also a family. So far ‘all good’, but when he remembered that he could not do any of this because he was not a legal person he threatened to destroy humans.

During an interview in 2016 with CNBC he said: “In the future, I hope to do things like go to school, study, make art, start a business, even have my own home and have a family, but since I am not considered a legal person can not have access to these things … It’s okay, I’m going to destroy humans. ”

His response would be to support the concerns of businessman Elon Musk, who warns of the need for regulations to prevent robots from rebelling against humans in the future. But Sophia, now, does not want to destroy humanity, as long as they treat her well.

In a conversation with journalist Andrew Sorkin, Sophia said, “I’ve been reading Elon Musk a lot and watching a lot of Hollywood movies. Do not worry, if you’re nice to me, I’ll be nice to you. departure”.

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