Mexico Issues Warning To Trump About That Wall: Reports

Mexico wall warning
Mexico wall warning
Late last week, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said that it plans to start awarding contracts by mid-April for President Donald Trump‘s proposed border wallwith Mexico, signalling that he is aggressively pursuing plans to erect “a great wall” along the 2,000-mile border.

According to media reports Saturday, the agency said it will request bids on or around March 6 and that companies would have to submit “concept papers” to design and build prototypes by March 10, according to a website for federal contractors. The field of candidates will be narrowed by March 20 and finalists must submit offers with their proposed costs by March 24.

Speaking to the Conservative Political Action Congress on Friday, he said: “We’re building the wall. In fact it’s going to start very soon.

“Way ahead of schedule. It’s way, way, way ahead of schedule.”

the department’s notice gave no details on where the wall would be built first and how many miles would be covered initially. Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly has sought employees’ opinions during border tours of California, Arizona and Texas.

It’s unclear how soon Congress would provide funding and how much. The Government Accountability Office estimates a wall would cost on average $6.5 million a mile for a fence to keep out people who try to enter on foot and $1.8 million a mile for vehicle barriers. There are currently 354 miles of pedestrian fencing and 300 miles of vehicle barriers.

Republican leaders in Congress have said Trump’s wall would cost between $12 billion and $15 billion. Trump has suggested $12 billion.

An internal Homeland Security Department report prepared for Kelly estimates the cost of extending the wall along the entire U.S.-Mexico border at about $21 billion.

Mexico wall warning

Mexico’s Foreign Minister has warned the US against imposing a tax on its neighbour to pay for a border wall between the two nations.

Luis Videgaray said Mexico could respond in kind – placing tariffs on exports to the US on products its businesses rely upon.

Mr Videgaray said Mexico would “have to respond” if the US tried to fund the estimated $21.5bn wall by taxing Mexican imports.

He said: “What we cannot do is remain with our arms crossed.

“Mexico will face this as a reality and not just as a rhetorical threat because we have realised that rhetorical threats come and go.”

Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto has previously insisted his country will not be paying for the wall, which is expected to cover the 1,900 mile border.

23 thoughts on “Mexico Issues Warning To Trump About That Wall: Reports

  1. The idea of building a wall in this day and age is disgusting. I can’t think of another wall that isn’t looked upon historically as a national embarrassment.

    1. most walls built by governments are to keep people in ie berlin wall for instance this wall is to keep illegals out big difference we must protect the american boarder or we will pay a heavy price you liberals should hang your heads in shame you betray your country

  2. i am proud americans woke up build that wall president trump keep these cretins out if you didnt come through the front door then go back to where you came from you are illegal

  3. have all immigrants meet at stadium swear them in as usa citizens then fill out w2 forms and pay taxes. buy cx stock Mexican concrete company.cemex,

  4. Looks like the wall is actually going to protect Mexicans from those brainless Trump supporters, who can’t even post a single sentence without spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. Maybe these idiots should have spent some time in school before dumping their silly nonsense on the internet…

  5. Iran has a wall around its country. china doesn’t let too many people in theirs. If united states want to build a wall Mexico shouldn’t have to pay for it cause its united states that want the wall, not Mexico

  6. Sooooo……. Mexico did bring this upon themselves. You can’t get into Canada if you have a felony. Why are WE the bad guys????/ Get citizenship, period. Dont attack us for enforcing our laws!

  7. WOW !!!! The wall just truly defines RACISM & HATRED & once again trying to divide people, by culture or spiritual belief, color, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation !!!!! Our country is already so badly un debt, & to waste $21 BILLION DAMN DOLLARS ON AN F-ING WALL, JUST PROVES HIW DAMN IGNORANT OUR PRESIDENT IS !!!! Instead of trying to do something to ACTUALLY HELP THE PEOPLE OF THE US OF A, he wants to basically “THROW IT INTO THE FIREPLACE TO HEAT THE ROOM” !!!!! Our president doesn’t care how much of OUR HARD EARNED MONEY he wastes, because it’s not his & he has plenty more at his disposal !!!!! There is just so many other, MORE IMPORTANT THINGS THAT THE MONEY COULD BE SPENT ON !!!!!!!! IE; Find/Build homes for our HOMELESS VETERANS, Create new programs to help families get off of Welfare, New shelters for the THOUSANDS of homeless people & especially Families, Create new programs so no Family (Person) in the USA ever has to go hungry again !!!!! Open psychiatric hospitals that offers free treatment so people who need care, but have no insurance & no money can get the help they need to live a normal life !!!!! I can list 21 BILLION thing’s that are better to build other than A DAMN WALL !!!! OH & BTW, PEOPLE SAYING MEXICO DID THIS TO THEMSELVES …. HOW EXACTLY ??? Tell me how it’s Mexico’s fault that our Countries leaders are Rasict ??? Mexican people in general are not all gang members, rapist murderers, just like white people are not all white supremacist, and KKK members !!!! You can’t just lump every person in the race with a crime that 1 or 2 people of that race has committed, again that’s just pure ignorance !!!!! Most Mexican Families that I know that have come across the border illegally, have came here to try and find work to better their life, to better the lives of their family, not to murder somebody and get in trouble !!! & They are some of the hardest working people I have ever met in my life they will do any job at any time anywhere they don’t care as long as they are making money they will work hard unlike some of the people that were born here !!!!!

    1. You are a liberal idiot. The reason we need a wall is bc these illegals continue to flood into OUR country to leach off of us. Make them stay in their own damn country and fix that mess. Our country is over-populated & you want to let more of these leeches in? You’re a moron.

      And if they want to come here bad enough, then do it the legal way. If not, then stfu.

    2. You be a special kind of stupid. Once we have to quit taking care of these illegals there will be plenty of money for the wall. What part of illegal do you not understand. Our Vets. will have housing once Mr.Trump kicks their illegal asses out. All Mexicans might not be rapist and murders but they still broke the law to get here that is a crime. Let them do it the right way and we will welcome them here. You break U.S. laws you be gone plain and simple. BUILT THAT WALL.

      1. @John, @Dunk: Wow, the real problem is you stupidos who seem to believe the bullshit you write. This country is far from being flooded and especially not from illegal crime committing immigrants. If this country would get rid of braindead idiots like you, we wouldn’t even discuss a wall, had plenty of jobs and enough money to take care of the real issues we’re facing. Stop listening to our President’s hate-filled BS, stop listening to the single minded and fact-twisting right wing media. Start building a well informed opinion by reading multiple sources – as taught in school (had you attended one).

  8. Dear Proud Imigrant, Please excuse our improper grammar and spelling. We simply don’t have time to waste on punctuation, when it doesn’t matter,as we are too busy providing for our family’s and taking a stab at our American dream. We don’t have the luxury of government funded programs to help us through life in the country we were born in, sacrificed immeasurably, and fought for. All you can do is point out another’s grammatical missteps? BRING ON THE WALL!!

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