Monthly SEO Plans

SEO Prices, Packages for Local Businesses in Canada


The aim of Swerd Medial is to get more visibility on the web, better positioning in Google, more visitors to your site and thus more customers. Local SEO helps to rank for certain keywords (keyword is formed of one or more words, ex .: “chiropractic clinic”) in a certain location (eg .: Toronto). SEO, particularly local SEO, require advanced knowledge of algorithms and variables that contribute to better positioning and the establishment of strong and diversified strategies which are tailored to your industry.

Swerd Media SEO Packages

Swerd Media offers a key solution for your business, from planning to implementation. We will develop a diverse SEO strategy that will help your website get better positioning and more visibility.

Our SEO packages are complete. We work both within the site and outside of your website to give it the best chance to rank in the search engines.

Outside the website , we build back links ( backlinks ) quality from different sources (videos, presentations, articles, documents, directories, local government and business directories, etc.).

Inside your website , we are working to optimize the presence of key words included naturally in strategic locations (titles, meta titles, meta descriptions, tags “h” ( h tags ), footer, in articles …).

We approach a non-competition, that is to say that we select a maximum of 3 customers by business and city (ex .: aesthetic clinics in Ste-Foy, or chiropractors in Anjou) to work with .Whenever possible, we try to choose our customers in different districts of the city or in different specializations.

Here is what is included in our monthly SEO plans:

  • – A personalized SEO plan will be built according to customer needs and its Web context.
  • – The specific tasks, frequency and time spent on these items vary depending on the package price.
  • – Initial study of the market and competition
  • – Retrospective analysis of cumulative statistics in Google Analytics
  • – Creating the web visibility expansion plan
  • – Establishment of a content marketing strategy with a publications calendar
  • – Establishment of an SEO strategy long term targeted keywords and relevant topics
  • – Establishment of a paid search campaign to generate traffic quickly in the short term
  • – Establishment of a marketing strategy through social media to build a loyal audience Social
  • – Establishment of a brand image development strategy

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