Community Management

The community management is not a simple task these days. Often, communities management in a company will be given to trainees or to people who do not have a specific specialization in social networks.

However, it is essential not to overlook the importance of social networks and its management in a company. Nowadays, social media reflect the image of a company. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn or Google+, a company can be judged by its different profiles and by interacting on various social media platforms.


My Little Big Web does not automatically advises customers to register on all social networks. Indeed, our goal is to ensure that our customers reach their target market with the right tools. Thus, we build customized communities management strategies for each client, depending on the platform.

If your goal is to get more mentions of “likes” on Facebook, or to have more Twitter followers, know that the management of communities will be addressed differently in the two cases.


Define its goals is essential before setting up an effective community management strategy. What is the message you wish to convey on Facebook? Why have you created a Facebook page? Be present on Facebook for no particular reason is irrelevant. So that (e) community manager is performance (e) he or she must understand the goals of your company.


Whether you have a decorating store or a web agency, your target market will obviously not be the same.Therefore define your target market is essential in order to know which social networks your customers are.Indeed, we advise a store decoration to be especially present on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, while a web agency does not have a real interest to be on Pinterest for example.


The communities in the management objective is not to start without thinking and just post pictures on Facebook without a purpose. Set a content strategy and helps to organize and ensure that in particular subjects will be discussed on social networks. Indeed, the community manager must treat popular topics of the moment while respecting the editorial line of the company, to encourage users to interact on social networks.


Establish an editorial calendar is important to establish the number of times the content will be published on social networks. Programming upstream publications is a way to organize to ensure that the manager of communities do not forget to mention an important event for its business for example. The editorial calendar and could include publications several weeks before important events such as Christmas and the national holiday.


Do not stop at simply publishing content on social networks. After publication, it is important to take the step of the daily management of communities. Interact with users on Facebook, or on any other platform, demonstrates professionalism that reflects a positive image of your company. My Little Big Web will ensure that your social networks are managed daily.