Mel Gibson Red Carpet: Who’s that Young Woman With Mel?

Mel Gibson Red Carpet
Red Carpet

Mel Gibson has been the target of many critics on social networks since he walked the red carpet on Sunday. Internet users have not gone to the dead hand, making remarks about his physique, his wife or about the anti-Semitic remarks he has repeatedly made in the past.

segment of the ceremony particularly fueled comments. As Jimmy Kimmel intervened to relax the atmosphere, Gibson and his 26-year-old spouse were on camera. Following the broadcast of the sequence, many Internet users gave unflattering remarks to the 61-year-old actor, attacking his wife at the same time.

“For the wife of Mel Gibson. If you need help, blink, “writes a surfer.

“Is Mel Gisbon accompanied by his wife or daughter?” Says another.

“Mel Gibson’s wife-child makes me uncomfortable,” says a mom on Twitter.


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