The acquisition of links ( “link-building” ) is an SEO strategy that has long existed. The ultimate goal of this method is to get links on several websites, redirecting directly to your own website. These links on other websites are called external links.

For many years, the amount of links was more important than the quality of those links. However, this has changed, and that is why many SEO specialists must establish strategies for acquiring links effectively.

Acquiring links is a job that takes time but must be taken seriously especially SEO.


The purpose of a strategy link acquisition is to improve the positioning of your website on search engines.Indeed, it is important to know that search engines are able to assess the quality and popularity of a website through the links.

Get links on various websites is essential for your SEO.With external links of quality, your website will be particularly well received by the search engines. Thus, a better ranking of your website on Google can be expected through links!


Insert links may seem simple, but acquire links quality is another task. The SEO experts at My Little Big Web always make sure to get links qualified for its customers.

As explained earlier, search engines value in this quality links over quantity. This means that a preliminary analysis of the website must be completed before the request to add a link.

An excellent strategy to acquire links and involves analyzing and evaluating potential sites can publish external links for our customers.


A decorating store and a consulting business need to get different qualified links. Therefore, a strategy of link acquisition custom must be established for each customer. Since the purpose of a business is to be recognized in its field, it’s important she gets links from websites that have something in common with his expertise.

The external links obtained by Swerd Media are always particularly sought and correspond to a strategy of acquiring links relevant to the customer.


So that people agree to publish a link to your website, it is important to ensure that your site offers quality content. So, our SEO experts can help you establish a web content strategy for your site. And if you do not have time to write, our editors can help you write web content quality and optimized for SEO.

A strategy of acquiring links is much more effective thanks to this great content on the client’s website.


Our team does not stop at simply adding a link on a website. We ensure that the links are inserted naturally in articles invited for example. Search engines like Google understand better and better all the semantics surrounding a link. Thus, if the inserted link is irrelevant in an article, your website could be affected negatively.

My Little Big Web can thus acquire links , but also write web content, so that the links obtained are uniquely qualified to your website.